Can redeem Adrien Brody.

Robert Downey Jr showed up at the premiere of Splice last night in LA and did his movie star friendship duty, posing with Brody on the carpet, working some bromance for the cameras, being charming and irresistible as usual. His appeal however is not contagious. Which is why despite his efforts, he still can’t remove the douche from Adrien Brody’s face. Or his neck. Whatever that is wrapped around his neck. And the smirk. And the posing. And the Ebola.


He willingly associated with Ebola in Cannes. Get the F-CK away from Robert Downey Jr.

Trailer for Splice is below. Looks pretty good. Because of Sarah Polley. Love Sarah Polley. She wasn’t there last night. Probably other commitments but it’s also not her thing.

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