A quick recap about why I stopped. It was all good until this came out. Click here and it’ll become clear. He fell in love with Elsa Pataky and turned into a cheesedick. They actually followed up that photo shoot with another one in which Elsa, in full hair and makeup, romped around with African children in awe of her beauty. So the poor black people are blessed for a day because the pretty white lady came to play with them?

No seriously, for reals. This was the caption that accompanied the photo spread – click here to see the original:

Actress Elsa Pataky walks along a road in South Africa surrounded by a group of smiling local children, who are mesmerized by her beauty and down-to earth affection.

...the f-ck?

Obviously I had to break up with him. And I did. And it’s been two years.

But there’s been no Elsa in his life for months. Since then he’s worked steadily, surprisingly took the lead in the upcoming Predators, will star with the lovely Sarah Polley in Splice due out in June, and looked really hot at the Spirit Awards last Friday where I interviewed him on the red carpet. He really really worked that carpet. I mean he started from the top and made it almost all the way down. And that’s a sign.

Adrien Brody is hustling. He needs to be out there. He needs to put in some face time. Like I wrote yesterday about Hilary Swank, sometimes Oscars don’t matter. So many actors, so few scripts. And for too long, Adrien fronted like he was above it. No one is above it. Hollywood is so painfully humbling.

So there he was, standing on the press line, willingly, happily granting interviews. And he was funny and nice but not too nice, he talked about being typecast, he said he wants to do more comedy, he’s very good about making eye contact and not seeming distracted, he’s legitimately tall, several inches taller than me, looking down at me, and I was in very high heels, and I really loved his leather gloves. They were dark grey, Dunhill, and totally unnecessary, and Duana really wasn’t feeling it but they reminded me of The Brothers Bloom and he was so great in The Brothers Bloom. And when it was time for him to move to the next, he said thank you and dropped this cute little bow, only the goofiest, dorkiest move ever. Which is obviously why I instantly fell in love all over again.

If only we didn’t run into him on Monday night, our last in LA. It was the four of us, Duana, Michelle, Laura, and me, and of course Laura and I remembered all too well the last time it was the four of us with Adrien Brody when Duana and Michelle took over his booth, had a conversation with him about taking his booth, and then somehow ended up with his champagne. Mortifying. Also seemingly fated. Because cut to Monday at Dan Tana’s and Brody, wearing all black, was in a booth right behind us. It looked like a business dinner. And he was deeply engaged in conversation, although we did lock eyes when I came back from the loo and he looked great. Really, really great.

Laura is an unforgiving bitch and Duana never cared for him to begin with so they disagree. They can’t get over the fake castle. Michelle however watched him pull his sweater over his head. She saw the sexy, she knows the sexy. She can see the sexy in him. But then came the pink hat. He stood up holding a pink straw hat. Like an “I’m Adrien Brody and I have a pink hat” hat. Sure, it could have been a gift. It could have been a gag joke. But so fresh after the fake castle, it’s hard to give him the benefit of that doubt. Just like that, the pink hat sent him back in the direction of the sh-thouse. Maybe not inside the sh-thouse, but towards the sh-thouse. Because Adrien Brody is supposed to be cooler than that pink hat. Re-loving Adrien Brody therefore has been indefinitely put on hold.

Photos from Russ Einhorn/PhamousFotos/Splashnewsonline.com and Pascal Le Segretain/Jordan Strauss/Gettyimages.com