It’s been a year since Adrien Brody’s embarrassing spread in Hello Magazine showing off the fake castle he used to inhabit with then girlfriend Elsa Pataky. Elsa was unable to leverage anything more than a wannabe royal residence out of Adrien and their romance has since reportedly fizzled. In that time, Adrien has continued to shame himself with appearances like this one and, well, he’s apparently so hard up he lobbied hard for a role in some new Predator movie too.

Adrien is shooting in Hawaii, is working out hard for the role, and last night showed up at the Valentino party in New York with short hair and great skin and yeah there’s a little quiver again.

Is it time to let him out of the sh-thouse?

I am nothing if not fickle.

And I really did love The Brothers Bloom. Have you seen The Brothers Bloom? I think it skipped the theatre and went straight to dvd but that doesn’t mean it’s a Jessicas Simpson and Biel style project. For starters, Mark Ruffalo is in it. And the acting is solid. And the story is clever-ish. And it’s beautifully shot. And beautifully styled too. Brody’s wardrobe is gorgeous. All I wanted to do is stare at his clothes.

I want to be his friend again. Approve?

Photos from Demis Maryannakis/