Remember when Adrien Brody sprayed his cheese all over the pages of Hello Magazine and lost us forever?

Click here if you need a reminder or a source of endless amusement on a bleak Tuesday morning. He really is closing his eyes while leaning up against that wagon.

How to find redemption?

Mom is trying to help him.

Adrien’s mother is award winning photographer Sylvia Plachy. But she has never shot her him publicly… until now. For Canadian magazine Nuvo.

It happened in the summer, they just drove around New York and when the light was right and she was feeling it, he’d hop out of the car and the results are some magnificent photos of her son, prompting the magazine to issue the two covers attached.

Adrien is starring in Cadillac Records, an Oscar-courting film with Beyonce due out December 5. He’s been relatively low on the promotional circuit though, perhaps hiding in embarrassment in his faux castle. But while his collaboration with mom doesn’t completely eradicate the assness of the previous shoot, it does temporarily take away the bad taste in your mouth.

If only THIS could be the only Adrien we know. Instead of the one who poses in empty bathrooms while reading a script.

Nuvo is available now, a throwback to the way a magazine should be and feel, with the time and the resources to make each issue something to be devoured slowly. Click here to read an excerpt from Brody’s interview.