Someone somewhere, and I’m too lazy to look for the link, has a list of Oscar winners who should have their awards revoked for the sh-t they do after. Most of the time I think this is unfair. For example, Forest Whitaker is in that new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and people will probably be criticising him for it but, like, in non-diverse Hollywood, how many quality scripts do you think Forest actually sees? It’s not like he has the same options as Tom Hanks. Also, in a hilariously silly way, I kinda liked The Last Stand. The gunfire is... unsettling...but it’s a movie that knows what it is. It laughs at itself. And it has Matt Saracen.’s DIVERSE.

So leave Forest alone. Cuba Gooding Jr you can have. Also...

Adrien Brody.

I mean, if Oscars were revocable, Adrien Brody’s would be in jeopardy right now. For the fake castle in upstate New York. For hanging out with Ebola Paris Hilton. And for this. Oh and this.

Here he is in Milan for fashion week today. God he is vile. And ...have you seen the trailer for his new movie inAPPropriate Comedy? Trailer is below. Very NSFW.


What do you think the Academy thinks?

Also, Tina Fey’s impression of a douchebag at the Globes? Adrien Brody.