Adrien Brody sat next to Spittle Gerry Butler and his dorky ass pants yesterday at the Laker game. But while Brody has the edge on the style front – he looks SO good right now – Spittle got the seat closest to Jeffrey Katzenberg. And right now for Brody, career is more important than clothing. Spittle’s work schedule is sailing along rather nicely. Adrien’s the one who needs some new opportunities.

He did however have a few moments with producer Joel Silver. Hopefully it was a fruitful conversation.

As for Brody’s reinstatement on the Freebie 5 following our encounter with him at the Oscars, well, the pink hat complicated matters. Click here for a refresher.

Since then however I’ve received some new information about his behaviour in British Columbia recently when he was shooting Wrecked on Vancouver Island. Word is he was very sweet and very gracious on throughout the shoot, always welcoming to fans, always generous with the crew. One day he was given a scarf by a girl with learning disabilities. It was hand knit, green and white, and Adrien loved it so much he wore it around all day, thoroughly moved by the gift.

So does that make up for the pink hat?

But I’m such a fickle bitch. Tomorrow he’ll be rolling around West Hollywood in dreadlocks and I’ll hate him all over again. Let’s build it up some more first. We need a solid foundation so he doesn’t f-ck it up too quickly.

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