There’s poster boy pretty and then there’s just plain style… and while Adrien Brody may not be on the surface your typical garden variety quiveration, there is something about a man who looks a little off the beaten path, who you know can capture you from the first course to closing, who can kink it up in the bedroom, and keep yielding surprise after surprise well after the bloom of good looks had faded away.

This is the difference between Adrien and Three Whiskers Orly.

Here they are attending separate events at the weekend – Orly at a Global Warming Exhibition in Hollywood and Adrien in London for the gala screening of The Darjeeling Limited. Orly, as you can see, is limp as ever and actually kinda smarmy – beady little eyes poking out from above the pathetic smattering of facial growth he sports desperately to detract from his elfin beauty.

Adrien on the other hand is cool to the end. Rockin’ Euro in black and satin, a hint of red at the belt, shoes of the moment, hair worn long but not greasy, just the right amount of American swagger to go with a continental refinement and the confidence of a man who knows that  what he has has nothing to do with how he looks.

And Adrien would most certainly NEVER leave a friend bleeding in the back of a car after a crash.

Photos from WENN