Adrien Brody brought his Elsa Pataky with him last night to the Hollywood premiere of Cadillac Records. She’s the one who inspired him to buy that fake castle, remember? By the way, did you know that photo shoot originally printed in Spain and it was 40+ pages???

Of him in a bathtub reading a script with NO WATER IN IT? And leaning up against a tractor with his EYES CLOSED?


I just…

I can’t….

It’s truly unforgiveable to stoop to that level of nasty cheese. Truly unforgiveable. Especially when you’re Adrien Brody.

But he has it bad. He is in love so hard. And he supposedly didn’t want to pose without her last night, obliging for photographs solo but making it clear that he was unhappy about it.

Like dude, we get it. She’s your life. You live in a fake castle. But don’t force her on us as an actress. Please. If you can’t be embarrassed for yourself, we’ll do it for you.

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