It’s quite a group isn’t it? Can you picture Mickey sliding in there? No…

Mickey is not one of them.

Adrien Brody is very much one of them, even though he’s a hypocrite douche.

Like, did you hear him during the presentation? While introducing Richard Jenkins, he opened with “not that I’m a fan of google”, like it was beneath him to be a famewhore.


You live in a fake castle in upstate New York and allow yourself to be photographed in said castle with YOUR EYES CLOSED for the sake of pimping out your girlfriend. You follow this up with some glamour shots in Africa, again with the girlfriend, in full hair and makeup as local children skip around and worship the white girl…

But googling yourself is beneath you?


Sit DOWN Adrien Brody.

What happened to your cool?

This is why Lorne Michaels has banned him for life from Saturday Night Live. That impromptu Rastafarian f-ckery was a sign of things to come.

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