We must speak of Adrien Brody in these terms:

B.E.: before Elsa


D.E.: during Elsa

Elsa of course refers to Elsa Pataky, the love of his life, for whom he bought that fake castle in upstate New York and with whom he keeps posing for lame sh-t photos in Hello Magazine.

Gone was the image we had of him: chill, great actor, not a cheesedick.

But is the original Adrien coming back?

Elsa hasn't famewhored off him in a while. He was in Long Beach for a race last week - no Elsa. And, even more curious, last night he was at the Tribeca Chanel party - she'd probably cut her own dog to be on that carpet - but still no Elsa.

Where's Elsa?

Is there trouble at the faux castle?

I don't care enough to IMDB whether or not she's shooting a movie - if she is we know how and why. But these two were inseparable once.

Is this the age of A.E.: after Elsa?

Keep you posted.

Photos from Wenn.com