Dear Gossips,

Two link recommendations today and the common theme here is “feelings”. All that matters is the “feelings”. And as long as one feels the feelings and honours the feelings, one can begin to live their best life.

Let’s start with life at university and a story that’s gone viral about 3 new roommates at UCLA. I don’t want to tell you too much more about the drama if you haven’t already heard about it because it will spoil your experience. And while you can read about it at many sites, surprisingly the outlet that covered it most hilariously is The situation is already so ridiculous and therefore so f-cking hysterical, it doesn’t need any added snark, which is why PEOPLE’s trademark over-earnest reporting works so well here, exposing a breathtaking case of Feeling Entitlement. I’m just an over-thinker, OK? And yeah, I get angry. Also I’m not very tolerant and I’m terribly impatient but that’s just how I feel. And how I feel is REAL. And what’s real is right. So… as long as I’m authentically into my feelings, I can totally be an asshole?

Adrian Grenier is really into his feelings. He shares a lot of them in his new interview with The Cut. Like the previous article, this one is a scream. And again, I don’t want to ruin it by giving away too much, but by the time you get to “sharing umbrellas is awesome”, you will have so many feelings of your own: confusion, disbelief, perhaps disgust, maybe pity, and definitely delight. If you’ve been to Burning Man, you may also flirt with embarrassment and then anger, because as Maria suggested recently, Burning Man is now Coachella-lite.

PS. The way he’s posing in this photo with his foot tucked under his leg is making my life.

Yours in gossip,