Written by Sasha

Thanks to everyone for your style questions, I will try my best to get to each one of them. They’ve been great so keep em’ coming! And if you have any non-style questions questions that just need another opinion, I’m your bitch for that too!

Dear Sasha,

Two years ago I was living in Australia and found this amazing turban while shopping for fascinators. I was getting ready to move back to the US, and though I was in love with this turban, I didn't think it would be received well in the US. I was recently watching an episode of Rachel Zoe's show on Bravo (yes, I know she's a ridiculous person), and she wore this turban. She later posted on her website that it was vintage. What are your thoughts on the turban trend? Any good turbans at reasonable prices? Am I delusional to love this look? Let me know.



Hey Molly!

Delusional no. Balls-y yes.

I really think it all comes down to strut and swagger. The thing is I don’t know if a turban-wearing person would ask me if they could wear a turban. You know what I mean?

I’m not trying to be harsh but you’ve got to OWN that look, so you shouldn’t care who is wearing one. If you’re going to bust out a statement like that you’ve got to be okay that most people will be wondering: is that girl really wearing a turban?!

But I give you style props because you were already on the turban tip two years ago so I say go for it. I don’t know if I’d suggest making it a daily thing but if you’re going out for a special night then why not!

And you’ll definitely see the occasional star wearing them - of course the Olsen’s, SJP and at Paris Fashion Week Salma Hayek was wearing one and she looked super regal. But Salma could be wearing a muffin on top her head and I’d still think she looked regal, so…

With a quick search for a turban I found a MTL designer who seems to have a very cool Etsy store and ta-da! Click here.

She gets my vote!

Thanks for writing in and turban’s off to you for being so bold!


On Thursday while out for a run my two left feet got the best of me and I went flying onto a metal fence surrounding some shrubs. A 2 mile walk home later I realized something was seriously wrong with my left arm and sure enough I'm encased in a cast for 6 weeks with a broken arm and limited use of my fingers. Also, the cast is white. WHITE. It's so ugly and I cried like a bitch baby. And yes, while all true I'm also totally playing up for your sympathies...is it working?

Sasha: fashion tip? Are capes in? Are ponchos in? How can I keep warm in fall weather when my arm is the size of a club?

Please please and thanks,


Hey Micol!

Big time bummer about your arm! I don’t mean to make you re-live the moment but I need to know: when you rammed into the fence did you hobble away like nothing even happened or did you bawl your eyes out?

I only ask because it reminds me of this Ellen DeGeneres stand up clip that makes me laugh my ass off every time I watch it. It’s the BEST and so true.

Okay back to your question. Your gimp ass is in luck because there are lots of great ponchos/capes out there. And you’re right, it’s a great cover up for you and your cast. But this look is something that anyone can incorporate into their closets because the poncho/cape is a staple every year. Depending on your steez there are a few different options.

These days I’m a big fan of Navajo prints, I would wear them everyday if I could. And as luck would have it, the same designer I suggested for our turban-loving Molly also has an amazing cape, check it out on her personal website.

Now if that's too outlandish for the office then there is a fantastic line out of Vancouver called Granted. I love everything about them and their ponchos are great everyday wear. Throw them over jeans and a long sleeve jersey top and you’re good to go.

And if you want to step it up a notch I really dig this camel cape from Jeanne Beker’s line ‘Edit’. I mean, f-ck, if Canada’s only fashion icon is into it, sign me up. So shove your disabled arm in there and you’ll look great!

See, had you not been such big clutz you would have missed out on this. Always a silver lining….


I'm a first year student for Broadcast Television and living in residence. Any tips on trying to cope with a roommate? Not quite used to it yet.



You would think by now the people in charge of residency would come up with some kind of lava life system to match roommates. But I hear you, it’s a major adjustment and I do feel your pain.

During my first year of University I got paired with a major dud. Due to my last name I was housed with the only other Asian on campus…I guess they weren't into mixing races. Not only could this girl have been the chairman of the Hello Kitty Club but she also liked having phone conversations every night from 1-6am. Not a word of a lie. And a lot of my friends had some not so ideal roommates. One of my really good friends had a chronic masturbator and not the private type. So things could have been worse. (Lainey: I got a Hello Kitty roomie too! Who also talked to her boyfriend all night and nearly stuck me with a $1500 bill!)

Now, whether your roommate is a nightmare or just someone you don’t care for, there are some general coping mechanisms to handle your new environment.

I think that you’re already in stage one--acknowledging that this set up is odd and unnatural. And yes, it will definitely take some time to get used to. But I think the whole purpose of University and growing up in general is coming to the realization that you have to deal with people in your life that you might not like.

The key is to be civil and respectful and try and to not let the small stuff bother you. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest sitting down with her to set some ground rules. ie. Don’t masturbate when I’m here.

Also by no means do you have to be besties with this person but keep in mind getting to know her isn’t the worst thing in the world. She could turn out to be a great friend so be open. But if you find that you don’t have any common ground treat her like an aunt and just do some meaningless small talk here and there. Try to avoid constant radio silence.

And rest assured that this time will go by so fast. With the amount of school work, partying and hot new ass on campus you’ll be plenty busy. Just make sure you make the most of this time; stay positive, study hard and make sure you squeeze in a keg stand or two.

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