Love Hollywood dichotomies.

Sunday night, Oprah’s Big Give finale, Jennifer Aniston was the special guest. I didn’t watch but am told it was pure Oprah-style hysteria: MiniVan Majority members fainting in the aisles, people clapping until they cried and crying until they clapped. Jen apparently made some kind of announcement about all participants winning money and then talked the Mighty Opes into tripling the prize. Because all philanthropists need an incentive.

The show was pre-taped. This weekend Jen was back in Miami where she’s been shooting Marley & Me. So how do you think she spent her down time?

Well… at the beach. Of course! It’s totally her favourite thing. And why not? Her skin is always lovely, her hair is famously lovely, and with an ass like that, who wouldn’t want to show it off?

Still, in all fairness, Jennifer has been very charitable of late. A few weeks ago, she joined forces with Courteney Cox to enlist their celebrity friends in raising $1 million for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation.

During the final season of Friends, each Friend made $1 million per episode with one of the most lucrative syndication deals in the industry. Turn on your television. Friends is ALWAYS on. And when Friends is on, the Friends are making money. A LOT of money.


$1 million is chump change for these people. Why hasn’t anyone explained to them the value of matching funds???

Just asking…