Michael Buble has a new album to sell. And since he’s a corny crooner, he’s waxing on love and loss in the pages of the new Hello Canada, referencing his ex Debbie Timuss and current Emily Blunt. The way Michael tells it, he and Debbie split amicably. But as I mentioned last week, according to the gossip wires, he and Debbie split because he met Emily with whom he’s now crazy mad head over heels in love…and of course singing about it, to the delight of easy listening listeners everywhere. Which, chill out, is NOT an insult. Everyone needs some easy listening now and again. I can’t go a week without Take That’s Want You Back…now how’s that for cheese?

So anyway, Michael, Hello Magazine, confirms he wants to marry Emily, also reveals some interesting thoughts on relationships, quote below:

“The only time relationships with men and women work is when the man loves the woman more. That’s how it works with me.”

Apparently women are supposed to play it coy.

Hmmm….how anti-Oprah of him, non?

Agree? Disagree?