Friday Night Lights Season 5, the end forever, is out on DVD tomorrow. Now you have no excuse not to watch. All of it. Every episode from the beginning. Because why would you want to deny yourself one of the best shows of all time???

Here’s Aimee Teegarden, our Julie Taylor, at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday in a cute romper with darker hair. She’s getting paraded around right now because of Disney’s Prom. You’ve seen the trailer?

Please. It looks terrible and it’s about high school and I am ALL OVER IT. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a dance-off. Prom, the movie trailer, also reminds me of 10 Things I Hate About You (only not as good) which I LOVED so much, only this “dreamboat” dude is too short and too wannabe badass and not enough real rugged badass but I guess they don’t make them like that these days. I mean, I believed that Heath Ledger was that boy on the fringe. Totally believable. And the poem. Come on, don’t lie. The poem still makes you cry.


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