Duana just perked up.

Why are we blessing her? For turning 21, having a party in Vegas, and wearing the most demure dress that Vegas has probably ever seen.

I love Aimee Teegarden for this so f-cking much.

Most of these twats, when they host a party there, it’s an excuse to get their tits up and advertise the fact that they’re wearing no panties. Julie Taylor is not a twat. At least not a twat wearing baby blue sequins and what’s practically considered knee-length in that town to a finally-legal birthday bash.


Why aren’t more of you watching Friday Night Lights?

ABC Family just canned it. I will bitch about this tomorrow. There is a time and a place.

By the way, Aimee was the one who asked the question about the map. Sometimes I can’t believe this actually happened.

Photos from Neilson Barnard/Wenn.com