The news is that Aisha Tyler has been tapped to be the new cohost on “The Talk”.

This is a show I’ve never seen.   I’ve heard the controversy about it, I’m aware of the exit of Xenu lovers and others.   I cannot speak at all to whether or not this show has a chance now of being a quality program.

What I can speak to is Tyler.   On the eve of getting my hands on Mindy Kaling’s new book, Aisha Tyler’s “Swerve” is still one of the best celeb-humor-instructionals I’ve ever read, second – literally – only to Bossypants.  It came out years ago, after her “Friends” stint, but I told you to buy it last year instead of Shannen Doherty’s, remember? (Click here)

I have a girl crush on her Aisha Tyler.  Full disclosure, this turned into an interview some years back.   It was the AWESOMEST.  She was the funny snarky best-friend-if-we-lived-in-the-same-city I always dreamed of.

Tyler is smart.  I say this not just because she’s written a book that I can conceivably believe was not ghostwritten but also because she exemplifies that your career is not a race, but a marathon.  When you stop hosting The Soup, you take a gig on Ghost Whisperer.   When you finish that, you pay the bills with a series while doing “Archer” for fun, as well as her new, funny, and very critically acclaimed podcast, "Girl on Guy", which may actually go into rotation with This American Life on my iPhone (please insert your own hipster jokes here).

Aisha Tyler is savvy about her career, she walks a lot of comedy-versus-other lines really well.   And now the mainstream audience is going to get to meet a smart girl.   She’s unthreateningly pretty, and safely married, and likely to have actual intelligent things to say in a context that, well, seems to have…let’s say, an ‘opening’ for such opinions.

You whine that there’s nobody good on TV (or on daytime, if that’s your bag?) , right?  You are anxious to hear your views actually voiced on the television? You want to believe that fun smart women get a voice?  

I can’t swear to anything.  I’m not on this show.    But I have a hunch.   So you should be watching.   Okay?