A naked Alan Rickman, a half naked Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz in her underwear and panties, the always amazing Stanley Tucci ...

These are the main highlights from the first Gambit trailer that was just released yesterday (I love trailer season!) and, well, as much potential as it might have to be great, am I crazy in saying that it doesn’t seem all that funny and that Cameron Diaz isn’t the main problem? Yes, of course a line like “Have a look at these” is meant to be more amusing only because it’s Alan Rickman delivering it but... if it isn’t amusing to begin with, even he can’t elevate it to magic, can he?

Also... not sure it’s a good sign when the voice over has to explain the plot. It’s like watching a preview from the 80s:

“Tom Cruise stars as a bullish pilot with a heart of gold flying against the memory of his dead father who loses his best friend and must face his demons! Paramount Pictures  presents Top Gun!”

I just didn’t think we did this anymore.

And it doesn’t feel like a Coen Bros movie, does it?

Or maybe (hopefully) it’s just a poorly cut trailer.

Here are Colin and Livia being perfect together an event in London last week.