Check out these group shots of the members of the Harry Potter family who were in attendance last night at Lincoln Square for the FINAL FINAL FINAL carpet of the film franchise. Alan Rickman’s at the back! Don’t stick Snape in the back!

Come to think of though, he probably wanted to stand in the back.

Oh carry on, then.

I didn’t actually think he would show. He doesn’t usually. And then the car pulled up and the announcer called his name and, well, there he was, maybe the only one who wasn’t melting. It was so bloody hot out there, everyone was sweating in their suits, and Alan Rickman, the badass motherf-cker, it’s like it didn’t affect him. At all.

You know how Alan Rickman walks a carpet? It’s with an air of amusement. He keeps his arms behind his back, and he looks around almost like he’s removed from it, and there’s a dance in his step, to a carnival soundtrack only he can hear, as though he’s going for a leisurely stroll in the park. It’s terribly, terribly cool.

Anyway he walked past and nodded. Looked right at me, a full Snape glare with a smile, into my eyes. As if there was any doubt. I am totally Slytherin House. (Even though I always seem to get sorted into Hufflepuff.)

My review for HP7B will post tomorrow. Until then though what I’ll tell you about the Snape parts is that – SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! – they will DESTROY you. Particularly in flashback. Be prepared for it. They have properly honoured his story. It’s a wonderful tribute to a wonderful character.

Photos from and Stephen Lovekin/STAN HONDA/