If there’s anything that turns me into a total nerd, it’s Harry Potter. And especially now that we’re so close to it being over, just 6 weeks out from the release of the final film, knowing …

It all ends.


And then a reader called Sarah J just sent me this, a letter written by Alan Rickman describing his emotions now that he’s said goodbye to Snape…


Jo always says that the enduring message of the series is the power of love. Which is totally corny… except that the ultimate manifestation of this ideal in her story is not Harry, nor Dumbledore, but Severus Snape. Because his was the Love that literally asked for, and received, nothing in return. Think about what he suffered, and why he suffered it – “always”. In that respect, Snape was the truest hero. And she always knew this.

One of the reasons why we all love Jo so much is because with her it was never bullsh-t. When she says the whole story was mapped out from the beginning, it was mapped out from the very beginning. You’ll note Rickman acknowledges this in his letter. She couldn’t tell him, but she told him. Well before the rest of them were written, she told him he would be playing the very heart of the series. The chapter when Harry finally understands Snape through his memories, and realises the sacrifices Snape made because of love, though unreciprocated, she is not given enough credit for creating something so devastatingly heartbreaking. I canNOT read this without weeping. And I canNOT wait, and I worry too, to see this represented in film.

HP 7A was great. But HP 7B is all Snape. Can they tell Snape’s side the way we read it?


Anyway, the letter is attached and we are getting close and here’s a clip I’ve never posted before and these are the last photos I could find of Alan Rickman in London in early April leaving The Box, a nightclub, with his wife Rima and can you imagine going out one night and running into Alan Rickman at The Box - how badass that would be?

He is currently shooting Gambit with Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth. That lucky bitch.

Photos from YAMALYAN/Splashnewsonline.com