Many years ago, Alanis Morissette broke out because she broke up. You, you, you oughta know.

Alanis has a new album due out on June 10th called Flavours of Entanglement and she’s revealed that much of the material came from a period last year when she hit what she describes as “rock bottom”.

Alanis says she channelled the “unraveling of significant relationships” in her life into her music and if it’s anything like what happened when Uncle Joey cheated on her, Ryan Reynolds is in for a serious, serious bitch slap even though, realistically speaking, the more mature Alanis is unlikely to be so obvious with her lyrics, the songs will undoubtedly provide some insight into the split and, more specifically, how Ryan presumably disappointed her.

Consider Alanis’s answer when asked about her new outlook on love:

“My nature is always hope filled. It"s more about values matching now. That"s the foundation."

Values matching. Very interesting. Clearly the Hollywood beefcake who wears too much foundation (thank you to the lovely reader who pointed that out), who was not faithful some of the time, who was tapping the Shelf Ass while shooting in Vancouver, who is now engaged to a matching bombshell Hollywood starlet… clearly those values weren’t exactly aligned.

Still… Alanis is poised for a successful return. And she has a boyfriend now too, although she’s reluctant to talk about the new relationship.

Curiously enough, she and Scarlett Johansson release their albums 3 weeks apart.

Scarlett can’t sing for sh*t.

Isn’t it ironic?

Here’s the cover for Flavours of Entanglement. LOVE the art. HATE that “flavors” isn’t spelled the Canadian way.

Also attached – Alanis and Ryan in happier times. The one with the finger has always been my favourite. Almost as though she knew it all along.