These are high times for Alanis Morissette. It’s a weak line, but it works. As you know, Alanis is enjoying a 7 ep arc on Weeds (please say you watch Weeds, please say you watch Weeds and not the other bullsh-t) after wrapping a successful 2 year run with Flavours of Entanglement, is supposed to star in a film adapted from Radio Free Albemuth, is happy and healthy, is involved with a non celebrity, and looks better than she ever has. Alanis just celebrated her 35th birthday last month.

This is Alanis at LAX over the weekend. As you can see, she’s not freaking out over the paps like Scarlett Johansson. Please. Alanis is too good for that diva princess Ryan Reynolds.

Have you seen her indie film parody with Alicia Silverstone on Funny or Die?

Love it. Love her.


And of course, just for fun, Alanis’s My Humps. A classic.