It’s Family Day today in parts of Canada. Alanis is from Ontario. Ontario observes Family Day. So it all works out then. I’m originally from Ontario too. But now I live in British Columbia. BC does not observe Family Day. F-ck, why not???

Here’s Alanis Morissette gloriously happy with her family yesterday in Venice, CA. Son Ever Imre was born on Christmas Day. Look how cute she is as her husband, Mario Treadway, takes iPhone photos of her and the baby. That blanket looks VERY comfortable. Especially the brown side. I’ve always wanted a baby blanket. At baby showers I’ve always wondered why they can’t make baby blankets for adults. You just use a different print and make it bigger, right? Someone needs to get on this. That’s a perfect naptime on the couch blanket. Never understood why people take naps with those scratchy rugs you buy at expensive furniture stores. Make me an adult sized baby blanket, I’ll gift it to everyone I know.

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