We need more Shia LaBeouf in our lives right now. When Shia’s around (gossip), it’s always a good time. When Shia and Alec Baldwin are both around, we will be happy.

The New York Times interviewed the cast -- Baldwin, Ben Foster, Tom Sturridge -- of Orphans recently. Needless to say, Shia came up. Specifically his departure and his subsequent email sharing and the suggestion in those emails that Alec was unprepared for his part.

Alec, to no one’s surprise, wanted to go. He always wants to go. He is always ready to go. And when the reporter asked him about it, oh, Alec, he was on his way.

And then Tom Sturridge stepped in like Pollyanna. Sturridge did not want Alec to discuss Shia. Sturridge was all like, why do we have to talk about this? What happens in rehearsal should stay in rehearsal.

Ummmm...yes. Good point.

But... as Alec -- OF COURSE Alec -- pointed out, someone broke the code. To which Tom countered, in defence of Shia, that since Shia wasn’t around to answer for himself, they shouldn’t talk about it, because it’s so private. Even though Shia publicised it. But Tom, Tom still maintained that even though Shia put it out there, the NYT journalist shouldn’t have read it and may have been unethical in reading it. On TWITTER?!??? Dude, take that up with Shia LaBeouf. And how does Tom feel about Shia LaBeouf on Twitter?

If you don’t already love Alec Baldwin -- for being Alec Baldwin -- what happens next will decide it for you. He is such a f-cking bitch it’s amazing. Also, suddenly, I’m not so hot on Tom Sturridge.

Click here to read the article. And take your time actually hearing how Alec would have delivered his answers, especially when he passively aggressively gives it to Tom. It’ll be one of the best parts of your week.

Here’s Shia out in New York with his girlfriend Mia Goth the other day. Now wouldn’t you like to National Geographic these two?