I do not have anything bad to say about the name Rafael. In fact, I think it’s gorgeous. If you’re one of the people who cares about the baby name thing, you know it’s becoming more popular now. If you’re one of the people who hates the whole subject, shhhhh it’ll all be over soon.

Anyway, Rafael goes beautifully with his sister Carmen who is less than two years older than he is, and to be honest, not-the-worst with their bigger sister Ireland. I really like these names. I do wonder how it feels, if you’re someone of note, to now have a constant back-and-forth with your fans about how much you have in common and how many people will be like “oh I have a Rafael too!” I read something recently about how one of the reasons identifiable luxury goods are less popular than they were in years past is because we get overexposed to them and thus exhausted by them. Is the same true for names? It’s not likely the Baldwins will take a break from social media, so I guess they’re going to lean into it.

Well named, young Baldwin. Go in peace.