Celebitchy posted a story the other day (from Us Weekly) about how Alex Pettyfer was so dicky on the set of Magic Mike that Channing Tatum cut out one of his scenes. Pettyfer subsequently threw a hissy. He and Tatum are reportedly now not speaking and wouldn’t acknowledge each other at the premiere. Tatum apparently never wants to work with him again.

Magic Mike opened strong last weekend; it was Tatum’s third hit in a row this year. He is a power player in Hollywood now. Pettyfer pissed away his goodwill by being a brat last year - click here for a refresher - but was given a chance by Tatum and Steven Soderbergh. Somehow he’s f-cked up again. He really can’t help himself.

Have I ever told you the story I heard at a junket a while ago? It was from the set of Beastly. He played a disfigured high school punk who had to learn the true meaning of friendship. Pettyfer was supposedly insufferable the entire time he was in “ugly” makeup because he was allegedly so torn up about not being attractive. Like the people working production on a MOVIE would actually forget that he was under several layers of prosthetics. Oh but he’s not vain at all. Just totally method.