Endless Love opens today. Alex Pettyfer’s been promoting it all week. The reviews …aren’t great. Here’s an example:

“This movie has no idea how letters of recommendation work, how airports work, how relationships work.” – The Wrap

“A jaw-dropping groanfest of teen romance cliches ...” – Philadelphia Inquirer

So… a New Adult novel then?

If you’re going in thinking it’s a New Adult novel come to film, with the New Adult novel formula, which usually elicits mega eyeroll, I feel like you might like it more than you think. Expectation Management is what it’s called.

Or, you could forgo Valentine’s Day altogether and spend it with Miley Cyrus? This is my plan. Jacek and I are flying to Vancouver this afternoon. As soon as we land, I’m saying “Later!” to him and heading down to the arena to meet up with 3 girlfriends for the show.

What are you doing? This nosy bitch wants to know. Tell me!