He kept sh-tting on Hollywood the last time we heard from him - click here for a refresher - but Hollywood clearly doesn't mind. Alex Pettyfer's career is not dead. But, interestingly enough, for a boy who was swaggering with a huge cock just six months ago and whose fortunes then seemed to fall very quickly because he kept tripping on said cock, his new lease on life comes courtesy another actor. He has to play Channing Tatum. This makes me laugh.

But it's probably just me. Because Steven Soderbergh is not a nothing director. Soderbergh is directing a movie based on…wait for it… the early life of Channing Tatum. Indeed. It's called Magic Mike. Apparently Tatum used to strip. Somehow this kind of hustle led to an acting career. And here we are. Alex is playing Channing. And Channing is playing a dude who used to mentor Channing. Question is: would Alex have taken the job before I Am Number Four died at the box office? And Dianna Agron broke up with him for being a ragey boyfriend?

No, it's not terribly humbling. It's a job, after all. And the chance to work with a good filmmaker. But still, something tells me had he been asked six months ago, he may have given the middle finger and responded something to the effect: I don't need to play another actor. I'm the kind of actor other people will want to play.

File photo from Wenn.com