Really? Him?

Us Weekly is reporting that Alex Rodriguez has been making clandestine visits up to Madonna’s New York apartment suggesting that a romance with A-Rod is what’s driving her to leave Guy Ritchie.

The evidence? Jack McCoy would say it’s very circumstantial:

Rodriguez was seen at Madge’s April 30th show in NYC – photo attached. She sat in his seats last week at the Yankee game. Rocco has worn a Yankee cap in the past. And of course he’s apparently been calling on her well after it’s appropriate for a married lady to entertain men.

Note however that A-Rod and Madonna share a manager Guy Oseary, who is probably more her husband than anyone else. He and Madge are almost inseparable.

As for Guy Ritchie, her legal husband, so far anyway – he arrived in New York yesterday, is staying at their apartment, and was photographed out for a walk during the evening with his trainer. Throughout the last few days, both Madonna and Guy have been pelted with the question right out in the open: are you divorcing? Are you divorcing? Both have remained silent. Liz Rosenberg isn’t saying much either but sources say nothing has been decided yet, that they’ve come to the brink before and turned around and could still very well do the same again. Keep you posted.

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