It’s a famous story and one that many enjoy recalling – after Justin Timberlake broke up with Cameron Diaz and hooked up with Jessica Biel, Cam gave him the gears for almost an hour at an awards show afterparty while an embarrassed Drew Barrymore looked on.

Cam has said she will fly, far and wide, for cock. She also goes apesh-t over it, as demonstrated in the incident over Biel and, well, in how she has behaved with magazine editors when they suggest her boyfriends may not be faithful. Gift! I guess in that respect Cam and Lohan, Lindsay may be alike.

So what will happen over Christie Brinkley?

The NY Daily News reports that Brinkley was Alex Rodriguez’s guest at a Yankees game last week. Supposedly he was “hitting on her” and told her that he was “unattached”. Another source insists they’re just friends. And A-Rod and Cam were inseparable the Independence Day weekend, seemingly as into each other as they’ve ever been. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get down with some action on the side.

Did you see Christie at the Tony Awards? She’ll be playing Roxie Hart soon on Broadway in Chicago and was a presenter at the event. Scared the sh-t out of me. Was like her eyes were bugging out of her face, and she smiled so hard and delivered every word with such Try, I had to look away. Check her out on the carpet that night. See what I mean? Why are you posing with your arm behind your head?

You know when you can smell a woman’s hunger for a man? I’m just saying I don’t think Christie would turn away A-Rod’s advances. And I hate myself for saying that. I do. On some level I don’t think it’s fair. At the same time, I also think there’s a way to be of a certain age, and single, without ...needing it so obviously. It’s a measure of self-value, non? Am I offside?

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