First let me just say that I love Alexa Chung. Her look. Her style. AND mostly that she’s f-cking out to lunch. When the press release came out that she’d be interviewing for NBC on their pre-show, it was Christmas. Because if you ever watched her MTV show back then, you know that that girl is LAZY. LAZY.

But the best part is that she’s lazy and she’s too lazy to hide how lazy she is. Her posture is lazy. Even her dress is lazy! Her dress is like… why do I care about this?

So she stands there, slackjawed, waiting to go to bed. ALL THE TIME. On live television!

It’s amazing.

Everyone else has the energy level of a highly charged battery. Alexa meanwhile is almost dead. Could not give a sh-t. And, strangely enough, that’s why she’s thrilling to watch.

Send her to the Oscars. Please.

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