Many of you are suffering through a bad case of The Swears over a no True Blood weekend. The season finale will not air until next Sunday at which point The Swears will come out again because we’ll have to wait Nine. F-cking. Months until the next installment.


Have heard from many of you recently asking for some True Blood action to ease the pain. The problem is that they’re so rarely papped. Especially HIM.

Viking Eric.

Alexander Skarsgard is currently in Louisiana shooting a movie with Kate Bosworth and James Marsden. Poor James Marsden. Always the guy who ends up unwanted. X-Men, The Notebook, Enchanted… and it seems the same this time too.

He plays Kate’s “meek” husband to Skarsgard’s hot ex from her hometown.


Like this is even a discussion.

Anyway, to read more about what Alex and the film Straw Dogs click here.

Thanks to Deandra for sending along the link, and also for pointing out these beautiful photos. To see more pictures click here. Careful though. You may not be able to control your lady business.