That’s Alexander Skarsgard, seen here heading to a party at a friend’s place with his girlfriend Kate Bosworth, now a Stage 5 Clinger which means that, like Jessica Biel before her, now that she’s hooked her ass onto the man’s spotlight, she will not and cannot be removed easily.

After all, Bosworth belongs in that special category of “actresses” whose frequency of being photographed is not commensurate with how much she actually works (see Rachel Bilson). When was the last time you saw Kate in a movie? If at all? Since Kate was also cut out of the Stella McCartney posse for daring to f-ck with another girl’s husband, hanging on tight to her man of the moment boyfriend is the best she can do and, really, her only move.

In the end though, he’s the dumbass for letting it happen. And of course he has motivations too. For now though enjoy his little haircut. Looks like Alex has been for a trim. I’d be much more enthusiastic about it if she wasn’t cockblocking my quiver.

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