It was reported in The Wrap last week that Tom Hiddleston wanted to be The Crow so badly, he put together his own makeup test to send to producers to lobby for the role. Sarah wrote about this last week -- click here  for a refresher. A couple of days ago Deadline  countered that it wasn’t happening -- no reason was given but maybe they didn’t like his eye shadow? -- and that it may instead be Alexander Skarsgard who’ll be offered The Crow instead.

While The Crow may have rejected him, Hiddleston does apparently have another opportunity to pursue. Bradley Cooper has dropped out of Jane Got A Gun due to scheduling conflicts as a result of the Boston Marathon bombing. Cooper was actually supposed to be The Crow first. And Cooper himself was a replacement for Michael Fassbender in Jane Got A Gun. And now that he’s bailed on that part too, Hiddleston is on the short list of actors (including Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) being considered.

I’m generally a very superstitious person. More and more it’s apparent to me that people in Hollywood are not superstitious. Which is weird because it’s such a ...haunted profession. But if they were superstitious, wouldn’t they be more concerned about the seemingly cursed nature of some projects?

When I was growing up, one of my first celebrity girlcrushes was a Hong Kong soap opera star called Barbara Yung Mei Ling. I was SO OBSESSED with her. I even threw out my retainer to have bunny teeth like her. Here she is in her most famous role as Wong Yung in Legend Of The Condor Heroes:

Anyway, Barbara killed herself when she was 26, at the height of her fame, allegedly because she was sad about her boyfriend. The way it used to work back then in the Hong Kong TV studio system, they would recycle the old costumes for period pieces so as not to have to recreate the elaborate embroidery, etc. Rumour has it, a few years after Barbara’s death, another actress put on one of the costumes worn by Barbara for a new show. Some sh-t went down that scared the f-ck out of everyone. Like they’d hear a woman wailing all the time or something in between the walls. And that’s when they changed the wardrobe policy and got rid of all the clothing that dead actors had previously worn. When my ma heard about this story she was all like, well of course, they should have done that at the very beginning. You don’t mess around with that kind of energy.

Everyone knows what happened on the set of The Crow. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mess around with that kind of energy. And even though there’s no death involved, the energy surrounding Jane Got A Gun -- click here for a refresher -- doesn’t seem all that attractive either.

Here’s Skarsgard leaving his hotel today.