Alexander Skarsgard was at the CFDAs last night. So was Alexa Chung, though they didn’t walk the red carpet together. I thought, initially, that that was why he showed up. And then, just as I was starting to write this post, I decided to google him. Apparently a new IMAX trailer for Tarzan was released yesterday. Oh yeah. The Tarzan movie. They started shooting The Legend Of Tarzan two years ago. It’s finally coming out on July 1st. And this one has never looked like a sure thing, although this trailer is probably the best one I’ve seen; I’m sure it will appeal to a certain demo. But it’s also going up against Steven Spielberg’s The BFG.

Anyway, Alex’s Tarzan becomes civilised and gets married to Jane. Christoph Waltz uses Jane to force him to, I dunno, be a dick. He decides to not be a dick and rescue her by calling on his animal army? The great white hope of the animal kingdom? Who are the people with grey skin? I don’t understand what’s happening.

But I did LOVE Alexa’s dress last night. And he looked really beautiful in his tux.