I was originally intending to lump this post in with the previous one on FKA twigs and Robert Pattinson and call it a Vampire Love Update. But then I decided that was lame. Is it still lame to tell you what I decided not to do because it was lame?

Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard rang in 2016 together in Miami. Check them out on the beach, hanging out with friends. How is it that Rita Ora can show off a bikini every five minutes in Miami, giving us great shots of her nipples, and we can’t get any of him with his shirt off? I just realised I know Rita Ora’s cup size but I don’t know a single one of her songs.

Anyway, the Alex started dating in the early part of 2015. They were first seen together during NY Fashion Week. So they’re coming up on their first year together. And for him it’s a big year. Tarzan is (finally) scheduled for release on July 1st. And after all the delays and the reports that the movie’s director, David Yates, is otherwise occupied, it also has to go up against Steven Spielberg’s The BFG and The BFG looks like a big f-cking giant deal. Does anyone feel good about Tarzan’s chances?