Alexander Skarsgard was in Sweden this week to promote Tarzan. He looks great in that cheetah print shirt. Alexa Chung, his girlfriend, was also there and she too walked the carpet, but they didn’t pose together. Maybe dressing together is better than posing together? Because she too wore animal print – this siiiiiick tiger print in velvet.

I do, I love her style. So I am totally down with the news that she’s launching her own brand. The New York Times is comparing the potential of Alexa’s label to Tory Burch’s; not in aesthetic, obviously, but in their career paths and the business model. Alexa told the NYT that she’s been backed by an anonymous financier and, oddly, explains that she was given strict instructions not to reveal who that is. As for what she expects her clothes will look like – it’s definitely her style, “tomboyish but also very feminine, very wearable and of the moment and responsive to culture”. Responsive to culture. I love that we’re talking about clothes now like they’re living, breathing things. Which… frankly… I don’t disagree with.