Alexander Skarsgard was in LA this weekend promoting The Diary Of A Teenage Girl. The film received  excellent reviews after Sundance and the LA Times just called it “exhilarating” ...even though, um, it’s about statutory rape. Bel Powley’s mother, Kristen Wiig, is dating Skarsgard. Teen Bel and Skarsgard hook up. And somehow the writers, the filmmakers, and the cast have managed to deliver a story that is “sex positive and feminist/realist”. As the trailer says, “this is for all the girls when they have grown”. I can’t wait to see it. I can’t wait to see how Bel Powley evolves. Here’s the trailer:

And here are Bel and Alexander at the screening the other night. I love the Stella McCartney she’s wearing. I’ll be looking for it in New York later this week. As for Alexander…Jesus, what’s with the hair? This is the worst hair. This can’t be the only way to style his hair. Can we please do something about the hair?