Oftentimes at festivals and conventions, the best parties are the late parties, or not even a party but the bar or lounge everyone just ends up at the end of the night. Summit had a party yesterday and several celebrities, including the Twilight people, made flyby appearances but those are mostly glad-hand affairs and it’s not an environment where they can kinda just kick it and let loose. This is why Soho House is so popular. At TIFF last year, everyone fulfilled their “official” party obligations and then just ended up at Soho House for real relaxation.

Last night here in San Diego, the best last destination was the FilmDistrict party at the Hard Rock. Ron Perlman, Carey Mulligan, and Guy Pearce, they were there for their films. But as it got later, others started to trickle in: the cast of Game of Thrones (more on them later), Tom Hardy passed through quickly with Rhys Ifans, Ben Barnes, some other people I can’t remember because, um, it was open bar, and Alexander Skargard.

It’s hard to miss him. He’s so tall. Especially in Hollywood where everyone is short. Wearing a black jacket and jeans. MUCH more attractive than he’s been looking on True Blood lately. Plays with his hair a lot, keeps tucking it behind his ears. Women were throwing themselves at him. And what I mean by that is that you could see them looping the room, waiting for an opportunity to wedge themselves in. He was pretty friendly with everyone. And likes his Guinness. It looked like Guinness to me, and Dylan too, in that light. May have been another beer but it was definitely beer. And in the other hand a tumbler of something else. Skarsgard is a double fister.

Anyway, Kate Bosworth wasn’t around. But for a while there, at least 20 minutes, Skarsgard’s attention was focused on beautiful Emilia Clarke, the Khaleesi, from Game of Thrones. I’m a girl, and to this girl’s eye, that girl was flirting. The people with me thought so too. Skarsgard did not seem to mind. Not just in a I like it when any girl flirts with me way but there was some chemistry happening there. Now they didn’t end up in a corner together exclusively or anything, and I feel like she may have left early while her castmates stayed on, but they were cute when they were side by side.

Later on, Skarsgard was talking with Nikolaj Coster Waldau who was wearing the same thing and even though he’s a few inches shorter it was a little bro down twinny which... not a bad sight. There was a really, really beautiful girl (brunette) that all of us were eyeballing all night though – no one famous – who had the two of them to herself for a while. It became a cluster that people couldn’t help looking at, pure eye porn, and I’ve been wondering all day whether or not that girl went home alone. Because goddamn, she was spectacular.

Skarsgard was still in fine form by the time I left around 12:30am. Not sure if he’ll be hittin’ it as hard tonight. I’ll be on Twitter, will let you know.

I know you’re waiting on more Game of Thrones and particularly Kit Harington details. But as I said earlier, I am on back to back carpets and it’s hard to get a signal. Try my best but may have to be Monday so sorry, will really, really get as much done as I can.

Photos from Richie Buxo/Splashnewsonline.com and John Shearer/Michael Buckner/Frazer Harrison/Gettyimages.com