Yesterday I got yelled at by fans of Alexander Skarsgard for 1. putting him 2nd to Taylor Kitsch and 2. pointing out his knock-knees. Click here to see.

Fans, you see, of anyone, they can never be entirely pleased.

Anyway, here’s Alexander Skarsgard - FIRST! - with Taylor Kitsch and the cast of Battleship at the Tokyo premiere. Did you see the new True Blood Season 5 trailer that played before Game Of Thrones on Sunday? They’re trying to tell me that this season will be about vampires. Only vampires? Because I am so over the sex goddesses and the weird faeries and the dead-raisers and whatever the f-ck other distractions that made the show so sh-tty the last 2 seasons.

If it’s vampires and only vampires, maybe I will start watching again. Could I love it again? Could I love him again? We’ve until June to decide.