Alexander Skarsgard showed up at the Audi and J Mendel Golden Globe Week kick-off party last night at Cecconi in West Hollywood. His clinger Kate Bosworth, I can’t find any photos of her there. And you know, if she was there, she would have gotten herself photographed. Subtlety isn’t her game. They were still together as of last week – click here to see - so what could possibly have kept her away?

Maybe she didn’t want to answer any questions about her ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom welcoming his first child with supermodel Miranda Kerr. If I were working that press line, I would totally have asked her about that and watched her squirm and stress. Then I would also ask her how she copes with stress, although the chances of her being forthcoming about her favourite stress-reducing substances are slim to none.

As for those recent reports that he’s about to propose – my favourite thing about this is that the story was published on the last week of December, buried in holiday and New Year celebration without getting any traction. Which means that her people would have fed it to any tabloid takers a few weeks before, and instead the tabloids sat on it until they needed a filler, and threw it in there to use up an inch or two on a page before packing it in and going on break themselves. That’s about how important Kate Bosworth is to …anyone.

And that only makes HIM look like sh-t. After all, he’s the one f-cking it.

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