It’s kind of a signature move for Ryan Gosling. And, perhaps, to those who aren’t feeling him, part of his Try. To cute-pose with his little girl co-star Faith from Blue Valentine. During promotion, at every opportunity, he’d give us all the quivers with her in his arms.

Now it’s Alexander Skarsgard’s turn. Skarsgard is in New York shooting What Maisie Knew, a modern adaptation of Henry James’s novel which... I’m assuming he plays Claude and if that’s the case, well, I guess Memory Loss Eric Northman will come in handy. Claude, ultimately, like most of the adults in her life though, no matter how bad your boner is for him here, is a failure. My parents were divorced. And while my parents were not the selfish sh-ts in James’s indictment of what was then the Modern Family, Maisie’s disappointment in the grownups around her can be appreciated universally.

But you are not here to discuss the impact of divorce on children. Because you’re all jizzy for Skarsgard making cutesy faces of his own with the girl. Does it make up for how gross Eric is on True Blood this season? Does it make up for how gross True Blood is in general this season? I’ve not watched in 3 weeks. But someone sent me a video of Eric and Sookie f-cking in some winter wonderland and I wanted to kill myself. Her love scenes with Stephen Moyer/Vampire Bill were actually a lot better. So you can imagine how lame she and Eric are.

This however is not True Blood. And I do think these are pretty adorable. Are they as adorable as Ryan Gosling? Cute-off!

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