Alexander Skarsgard hit up a gas station the other day. The paps were shooting him. So he got angry and yelled. Really, dude? Because you’re dating Kate Bosworth. Not sure if you’ve heard but Kate Bosworth makes that sh-t happen every day. And it’s no accident that he started getting shot a lot more often when they became a thing.

He’s not hot to me anymore. It’s more than just his girlfriend though. It’s... I don’t like his hair. Also sometimes he seems squirrelly.

Are you enjoying him on True Blood this season? There will be a new side of Eric due to memory loss. Alex revealed that his character won’t be as angry. That there may be somewhat of a softening. Softening, not softening, whatever... can you just tell us if he and Sookie finally f-ck? An actor of course welcomes the opportunity to flex different muscles, sure, and this season supposed to be a showcase for Alex’s diverse skillset which got me to thinking, and I hate borrowing Carrie Bradshaw’s phrasing, but... do you watch True Blood for acting? I don’t know if it’s ever occurred to me before.

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