Have not seen the latest episode of True Blood. Don’t want to leave Whistler but can’t wait to get home to the PVR. And if my digital box somehow f-cked it up I will Twi-Hard on someone’s ass.

These photos of Alexander Skarsgard at LAX will help pass the time though. In mint green and rolled up jeans with his hair combed out like a little boy – oh la. Someone else for Darren (my main ‘mo) and I to fight over. Does he ping your gaydar?

Love that he wears little socks so that his feet don’t smell. This is so important especially before hopping on a plane.

How many times have you been stuck around a dumb asshole with stank feet? I don’t understand why people can’t smell themselves. It’s rude. The other day I was in the bookstore, excited to spend an hour or two browsing, and some disgusting sweathog contaminated the entire biography section. Everyone was forced to evacuate.

I briefly flirted with the idea of walking up to him and informing him that he was wafting nastiness all over Chapters. But it would have been me who would have ended up being called impolite.

Why is it more impolite to tell someone that they stink when the stinker is causing everyone else so much discomfort?

Anyway, this would hardly be a problem for Vampire Eric. I would say that hygiene is a high priority for Vampire Eric. All good.

Photos from INFphoto.com