Click here for my initial post last week about Alexander Skarsgard at Comic-Con, specifically about seeing him at the FilmDistrict party at the Hard Rock on Thursday night. We now know that he was single, having broken up with Kate Bosworth, despite her efforts otherwise.

As I mentioned, Alexander spent some time that night with a very flirty Emilia Clarke. There’s now a photo of that. She’s laughing, sure, and it seems like it was just a moment, but I assure you she was smiling like this the entire time they were talking.

Then there was the mystery brunette. A really, really beautiful brunette. Who was being eyeballed by every man at the venue. My entire crew was into her, every crew was into her, Dylan and Matt declared that she was by the far the best looking woman at the entire convention, and I couldn’t disagree. Turns out the paps got a shot of them together on the patio. It’s only a profile picture but that’s her. It’s too bad you can’t see the full body. She had amazing legs. And I know some of you are like huffing and pfftt-ing that she’s not like some kind of airbrushed supermodel but there’s a difference between magazine beauty and real beauty, flesh and blood, right up in your face, and this girl, whoever she is, on aesthetics, she’s as first cut as they come. Accordingly to Us Weekly they ended up going home together. I left before they did, I wouldn’t know. But that night, she could have had her pick of anyone.

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