Remember True Blood last season when Sookie dreamt about being in bed with Eric and they were sex talking and she was all like, I know you’re not an asshole through and through and he answered something to the effect that his soft side was “only for Sookie”?

Well isn’t this is the Only For Sookie look? Hot.


But that’s a man with him at lunch yesterday in West Hollywood. It sure is.

Many of you have written to ask about his relationship(s) with Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Bosworth.

He was indeed dating Evan Rachel Wood. But he was also working with the desperately pathetic and allegedly often cranked Kate Bosworth who wanted him for herself. Am told Evan tried to hang in there but eventually gave up because Alex’s sh-t was too weak. And now you know she’s engaged to Marilyn Manson which feels to me like sad smut. Because that is not a freak who’s good on a young girl.

Professionally though, EWR is owning Bosworth’s ass. Already having worked with Woody Allen and Aronofsky, featured prominently in last year’s Oscar run for The Wrestler, a muse for the incomparable Julie Taymor, tapped to star in the Broadway production of Spiderman, and she’s just wrapped on Robert Redford’s new feature and future Oscar bait The Conspirator. Meanwhile, Bosworth can barely find a job once a year.

As for Alex and Kate, well, I wouldn’t stay it’s true love. More like a matter of convenience to be used strategically. Have him then if you will. But it won’t help with the scripts

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