A few people asked on the liveblog yesterday for an update on Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth. You sounded hopeful. I’m sorry to have to sh-t on that.

Here’s Alex visiting Kate on the set of BFF & Baby yesterday. She was also spotted at craft, pretending to eat.

Remember when I overheard some douche talking about putting together a movie for Kate and Rachel Bilson during TIFF? Click here for a refresher. Somehow it happened. And somehow every f-cking day of production on this movie is getting papped. Why do I get the feeling they need help re: distribution? And why are there so many dumbasses badly handling money in Hollywood?

WHO is financing a film fronted by Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson? On WHAT basis would they conclude that this is a smart investment? WHY would anyone want to see a movie, any movie, starring these two, let alone one that’s called BFF & Baby???

I don’t understand how money gets pissed around in that town. It freaks me out.

Photos from Fern/Splashnewsonline.com