Consider this my personal submission for Alexander Skarsgard to Sarah’s Career Prospectus series -- previous installments here and here.

This is Skarsgard in New York today. I know he’s #1 for many of you. Back in November, it was reported that Skarsgard was the first choice to play Tarzan in David Yates’s upcoming project. Variety noted at the time -- November 14th -- that Skarsgard had yet to receive an offer but was considered Yates’s preference before Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, and Charlie Hunnam. Apparently the studio, Warner Bros, was expected to confirm the project by the end of 2012 with shooting to begin this summer.

Since then though there’s been no official confirmation. At least not that I can find. Given that Variety made it clear in its initial story that no offered had been made, I’d have expected, if an offer had been made, for them to update the situation.

Does that mean it all fell through?

Or was Skarsgard playing the card more and more of them have been playing lately -- like Jena Malone in Catching Fire who supposedly leaked during negotiations that the part was hers, relying on buzz and fan support to carry her the rest of the way?

Not sure what’s happened there and why it’s stalling but if Alexander Skarsgard ends up NOT doing Tarzan, it’s really not so bad, is it? You know who else is playing Tarzan (in what looks like a really sh-tty animated movie)? Kellan Lutz.

(Speaking of Kellan Lutz, how badly do you think he wanted to be in Magic Mike?)