There was Alexis. Alexis and Milo Ventimiglia, remember?

Many of you feel about Gilmore Girls the way I feel about Friday Night Lights. Including my friend Duana. I think she still has episodes of it on her PVR. And even though I was too late to the bandwagon, I can understand the devotion to a beautifully written, underrated underdog and, by extension, the actors you grow to love on those shows.

Especially if they are as stunningly beautiful and as delicate as Alexis Bledel.

Here she is last night at the Sisterhood premiere – so incredibly beautiful she doesn’t seem real.

Alexis has another movie due out in the fall – the Post Grad Survival Guide alongside legendary Carol Burnett and Michael Keaton and also Zach Gilford who plays Matt Saracen on FNL. Her next project also has an FNL angle – Scott Porter (Jason Street) will be her romantic interest.

As for her past relationship with Milo…there were whispers for years, rumours that he was abusive, further fueled by a blind item in the New York Daily News last fall. To be fair, whatever it’s worth, I’ve never, ever heard anything about it from my sources.

But you add that to a sighting of Milo and Hayden at a ball last year during which he was seen cutting up her food – the father figure, the control, the impressionable TEENAGER…of course my smutty sense is tingling. Yours?

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