Lainey mentioned that we got caught up on Entourage last night. Half decent but not great. The golf stuff was just not realistic and a little over the top.

But there was one HUGE upside to the show in spite of the slightly forced storyline: Ashley (played by Alexis Dziena) wore long sleeved tops and pants the whole show. Meaning her bony, stick-like legs and arms remained hidden for at least one full episode. Unfortunately her caved-in face and grossly protruding cheek bones still threatened to charley-horse me through the screen.

Chick HAS TO freaking eat! I can’t stand to watch her. Last week when she spent most scenes barely dressed on Eric’s couch and/or bed, I closed one eye and blocked the half of the screen she was on with my hand to avoid looking at her. I’m not kidding.

When I was in my late teens/early twenties, boney asses and tiny legs were great. Almost preferred. I once turned down a girl who (in hindsight) had an amazing, curvy, tight ass because I decided it was too wide at the time. But this might have been too much for me to bear even then.

So HBO…please, please either secretly hot box her in her trailer with doughnuts, french fries, and ice cream each week until she eats or write her off the show. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch much longer if she stays and I’m wondering if more people don’t feel the same way.

Here’s fatso at the Entourage Season 6 premiere a few weeks ago. Brrr.

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